Beads (bidden) to pray.....              Beads are from the earth, filled with Life-Giving energy.              Energy from the Universe to us

When put together in such a way, they  effect and inspire changes in our Life-Giving energy

Wearing BEADS affects your personal energy center…Your Chakras

The Universe is in constant motion, each element within it emits it’s own particular electrical frequency or vibration from the most
distant celestial body to the most infinitesimal atom.

Gemstones or BEADS are particularly resonant. “Gemstones are crystals and all crystals conduct energy” On a more subtle level ,  
gemstones work in harmony with the human aura, attracting the Life-Giving Energy, of the Universe to you. They will enhance
positive vibrations while  drawing out or deflecting negative ones.

 Part of the power of beads is that “you believe they work”
Bonnie Goodwin
Bonnie has worked and lived in 14 countries all over the
world and has collected Beads in a  form of necklaces and
bracelets. These she has combined in colourful and unique
necklaces and bracelets to enhance your own life and bring
health and beauty into it.
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