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As part of your application please be sure to email a jpeg of a piece of your art to be included in the
Brush-Up brochure to:
                 Rory Kirby at

Application forms must be submitted by May 31st.

Fees to be enclosed with the application form are determined as follows:

 OBCAS Members, (with paid up membership)                       $40
 Non-OBCAS Artists and other approved organizations         $75
 Oak Bay Community Awareness Groups                         No Charge
 Full-time students aged 21or under                                       $20  
Guests and Youth invitees                                                No Charge   

Cheques to be made payable in full to 'Oak Bay Community Artists'.

First -time Bowker Creek Brush Up applicants are requested to provide a sample image of their work to

Drop off or mail application and fee to: Rory Kirby, 877 Island Rd. Victoria, BC,  V8S 2V1

Enquiries to: Susan Purney-Mark or: Joanie McCorry

NOTE. Applicants are required to demonstrate how they create their work throughout the event.
Oak Bay Community Artists Society
Bowker Creek Brush-Up Registration Form.
August 13th, 2017