Ilka Bauer

Rather than sweeping vistas, she likes small, surprising details - like that one, stubborn plant on the beach or an interesting
piece of rock. Drawing human-made objects, she tends to pick things that are well-made and old. Ilka is fascinated by the
natural world in general, and as a side effect of her training in biology, she has an inordinate fondness for the so-called 'lower'

Ilka mostly draws in pencil, but has recently started to
branch out into ink. She is fascinated by shapes,
contrast, and texture, and often finds inspiration in
unexpected places.

Born and raised in Germany, Ilka has studied, lived, and worked in various parts of the UK and Canada. In the process, she has
moved across the Atlantic several times, driven the Trans Canada from Newfoundland to Victoria, and acquired a Ph.D. in biology
and a law degree – although not quite in that (or any logical) order.