Join the artists society

The Oak Bay Community Artists Society artists are actively creating in Oak Bay

Members contribute actively to the events we hold and many serve on the executive committee over the years. Our members are mostly adults, though we do invite students to take part in the Bowker Creek Brush-Up annual event.

The Membership Annual Fees are currently $25/year.

Brush Up event entry fee: $25

If you are considering joining, you are invited get in touch with one of the members of the Executive. Discuss your interests and learn more about what we do.

When you decide to join the Oak Bay Community Artists Society, please email the application information below to the President:


Address, City, Postal Code:


Website or social media:


And send your $25 cheque to:

“Oak Bay Community Artists Society”

Flo-Elle Watson 1871 St. Ann Street Victoria, BC V8R 5V9

Members must reside within the Municipality of Oak Bay

Membership will run March to March each year. Membership fees will increase as required