Who are we?
By 2003 our artists paintings adorned the walls of the Municipal Hall and in 2004 the group was registered as the Oak  Bay
Community Artists Society. The centennial year, 2005, saw the initiation of the now well-known
Bowker Creek Brush-Up,
an annual outdoor event held on the second Sunday of August.

The artists work with a variety of materials: our painters use mediums such as oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolours;
some artists  pursue photography, quilting and weaving, dying and enjoying other fibre arts; yet others  create pottery and
decorate it in various ways.

We currently have around 40 members and have created this website to showcase the work of our members. As you see
there is a wide range of talent and a lot of enthusiasm and dedication.

Are you interested in joining this eclectic group?
Realizing the benefits of overall guidance and direction
the group started to pool their talents and energy.
The Oak Bay Community Artists Society is a group of
amateur, professional and emerging artists, living and
working in Oak Bay in the beautiful city of Victoria, BC.
We started in 2002 as an informal group of local artists;
many had been linked by participating in the Recreation
Oak Bay Artist Studio Tours. The society can take credit
for being one of the first communities to be involved in
this increasingly popular activity.